Saturday, September 11, 2010


It seems like I have always baked my own bread.  Well, at least since I lived in Montana from 1975, in the middle of wheat country.  I had friends who had grinders and would let me come and grind wheat fresh for my bread.  I also purchased one of the greatest bread books ever, "The Complete Book of Breads by Bernard Clayton" and that started my adventure into the world of bread baking.  I also cooked for a sorority for the University of Montana and cooked for YWAM.  I believe the combination of a love for baking,cooking, and creating is key to my adventure into gluten free cooking.  I have always loved to just read cook books.  But, I also rarely ever follow a recipe to the letter. (is that a fault or a gift??) So I end up creating new recipes as a result.  Even if i do follow a recipe, I later go back and tweek it to my liking.
Many years and many loaves of bread later....I  discovered thru trial and error, that i had developed a severe  intolerance to gluten.  I had all sorts of symptoms-acid reflux, indigestion, bloat, to name a few.  I never got tested for celiac disease, but an intolerance and celiac are treated the same.  I tried pills that are supposed to help digest gluten, to no avail.  I would stay away from gluten for awhile and then eat something, thinking maybe it was all in my head.   After many sleepless and painfull nights, about 3 years ago I finally gave gluten up for good, and have never looked back.  Now, I seem hyper sensitive, and can't tolerate even slight cross-contamination.(future article!)
BUT, I still love to bake bread and I am on a quest for the perfect loaf of gluten free bread.  In this quest I have also developed my own  gluten free flour thru hours and hours(that add up to weeks and monthes) of reading and research.
With much encouragement from friends and family, I am starting this blog, this adventure of the best of the best in gluten free baking and cooking. We don't have to settle for second best bread, cookies, cakes.... and great meals too, that are mediocre substitutes. When I cook for others and my family, it is always gluten free. 99.9% of the time they don't even think about whether it is GF of not, just how good it is. It is always the best.

                                  GLUTEN FREE NEVER TASTED SOOO GOOD!!

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