Saturday, September 18, 2010


Generally Hummus is gluten free.  I seem to have a hard time with it when it is purchased from the store.  It seems to have additives that i am sensitive to.  Homemade, of course, is the BEST.  It is so easy to make, too!

The ingredients are simple, too.
When I can, I also like to cook my own beans and peas.  It makes it very costwise and you can control the salt and any additives they might add to the can.  But, you can just open a can if you want. {~; This is 2-3 cups of chick peas(chi-chi).

I add the juice of 1-2 lemons depending on how juicy your lemon is or if you like the extra tartness from the lemon.  I use a 1/4c.natural peanut butter instead of tahini- I can also be sensitive to sesame seeds, too.  If you are not, use it instead.  It is the traditional ingredient.(you could also use almond butter)
Add salt and pepper to taste.  1/4-1/2t. of cumin(the more the spicier) and 1/8t. or more of cayenne.  Again, use less or more according to your taste.

You must have a food processor or blender,  I prefer a food processor for this.  Whirl for a  minute and scrap down sides and then drizzle 2-4T. extra virgin olive oil in while the processor is going.
Thats it!  enjoy!  The nest blog will be a product review on the crackers......

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