Saturday, September 18, 2010


I pick my 1st muscadine grape a few weeks ago. 
We ate them for a few days and then I decided to make jelly out of them.  But, alas, there was not enough, so I decided to add a pink rose wine to it to make a large enough batch.  I used certo to jell the concoction, and followed the direction and I ended up with a syrup instead.  BUT, IT IS DELISH!! 
 So I will use it to pour on toast, pancakes or to flavor tea... It would also be good poured over cream cheese and have some wonderful crackers to put on a dollop.  I would love to try again, and will try to get some muscadine grapes this weekend.  But, I wanted to show you what i did.  My friend, Paula, says," the only way to make sure it jells is to use "sure jell"."

My beautiful grapes-4c. muscadine

I pureed them in my handi dandi vita mix, and then put them thru a sieve.  Some how "The Gadget Queen"(ME!) does not have a food mill. I will work on remedying that soon.  I add the juice to a large stock pot and added to the juice can be any wine good enough to drink.  I added a rose wine.  Then added the rest of my ingredients-juice of 1 lemon, and 11c. sugar. and 4 pkg. of liquid pectin.  Next time I will use Sure jell.

follow the directions that come with the package. As for the wine-count it as more juice to make the jelly.

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