Monday, November 1, 2010


POPOVERS-  They are delightfully delish!
They can be filled with anything or eaten plain.  They are wonderful no matter what.  There is this expensive restuarant in New York that serves them as their bread.  They are also reminisant of yorkshire pudding from  England.  You can use regular muffin pans, but they will not be as high as they will be if you use popover pans.
I found mine at a garage sale and a friend was getting rid ofone of hers.  So, I was blessed with 2. You can find the popover pans at just about any kitchen store for around $20.  I also might try the regular muffin tins and report back on them. But they will not rise as high.
6 is just not enough for my family of 4,so  I end up doubling the recipe.  My inspiration comes from the cookbook-"1000 Gluten Free Recipes" by Fenster.  Of course I am ALways making major  changes.
This recipe will make 12.  if you only have one popover pan you could bake 2x or do the other 6 in a muffin tin.
**As your oven heats up-450 degrees place your tins in the oven to heat up as well.
Do this now.
You also need a blender to mix all the ingredients up.

2 scant cups"My flour mix" which has xanthan gum already in it.
6 large eggs-if you have medium add an extra egg.  I have  my own farm fresh eggs and they come in all different sizes.
The eggs are the most important ingredient in popovers-fresh is best.
Look how orange my range free chicken eggs are!!
I put all these ingredients right in my blender.
also add 2 cups of milk-your choice,  I use almond

milk. unsweetened and no added flavor.
also add 3 tablespoons of a fat of choice-butter, earthblend buttery spread.....
1/2 t. salt

Whirl away.
Remember that you tins must be pre-heated.  if you forgot to put them in, do that now.

450 degrees.  it should take about 5-6 min. to heat the tin.  take out and
Pour evenly between all tin cups. 
**Be careful not to burn yourself taking the tins out of the oven.
Bake for 20 min. and without opening the oven door reduce the heat to 350 degrees.  Continue to bake for another 15-20 minutes.
They seem best right out of the oven, but also have a great texture still later in the day or even the next day.


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